We love digital

If it blinks and shines and has a keyboard, we're lucky. If the flashing system is your finished project consisting of a highly satisfying solution which fits all your needs, we're proud.

We love everything which has to do with computers and digitization in our 21st century. And if it comes to Industry 4.0 we're already here since the last industrial revolution.

We love the industry

Maybe you create conveyor belts. Maybe you sell routers and hardware. You may have a huge worldwide business or a long-established midsize company. We are into it! We love to learn about your domain and what you do for business. 

Why? Well, we're are curious how we can support you as best as possible!

We love software

One of our core activities is developing software. By doing so we don't care which platform or programming language it is - as long as it fits your needs.

We try to use open source software and tools to reach our goals. 

Our advantage is, that we can help a huge community to make things even better and in addition you can save money by avoiding useless fees for crappy software.

As your company secrets are of course well protected we love to share our own knowledge about consulting, programming and the daily IT and company business. 

Therefore we not only lecture at universities but we also do workshops for our customers on a variety of topics. 

Tell us today, what you are interested in and we're glad to come over.

We love sharing