Cloud storage hub

Our pride and joy is the Cloud Storage Hub (CSH), which has been developed for over a year now and is constantly growing and getting more sophisticated every day.

The CSH is a bunch of small micro services which are able to connect almost everything to everything.

Having a CRM and a separate ERP system? Let these things talk to each other. In addition your new smart factory is running and you want to share manufacturing progress with your customers? Connect all the machines and IoT devices with CRM, ERP, CMS, and other systems.  

Meanwhile the CSH helps you to control different data models, convert & exchange data, handle distributed transactions, and reach the goal to have an enterprise data management with Big Data and Analytics up and running.

The original idea has been proven to work in a huge ongoing project for one of our clients. 


Having different IT systems with their own data models and the need to share information between these systems while taking control of information flow, business processes and their workflows, leading systems, fault tolerance, speed, security, fast deployment cycles, automated tests and business intelligence to control even big data.

Software realization

A collection of small, stable and scalable micro services written in Java and talking to each other on a message queue system. Easy to extend and well documented.

Salesforce Integration and APEX Development

When we work with industry related customers, huge CRM systems are involved.

Over the years and gaining knowledge about a larger number of CRM systems like SAP Hybris, Odoo, and Salesforce we've found that the latter is the most powerful and advanced system - of course we still work with all the big CRM players. 

Our developers and consultants are constantly training themselves. We will soon reach some certifications to proof our knowledge with some nice badges on our websites and portfolios.


Advising existing and future clients regarding CRM integration, programming and administrating. In addition we develop solutions to extend functionalities of CRM systems like Salesforce or to create interface to and from these systems.


calculation software with integration of
SAP ERP, SAP Hybris and Salesforce

"In the context of the Cobra2 project AMDIS took over tasks like requirements analysis, software design, implementation and testing. With the Cobra2 software efficient calculations of our conveyor belt products based on complex product specifications (BOM and routing) are possible. In the beginning, AMDIS analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the Cobra1 software. The Cobra2 team consisted of Dr. Petrasch and his experts from AMDIS and also of specialists from ContiTech. Scrum was used as the project management framework and was extended according to our needs. Cobra2 was implemented as a client-server system with C # and .NET. Interfaces for the integration of the SAP ERP system (for example, material management) and the SAP cloud solution C4C (Cloud for Customer) have also been implemented. The competent AMDIS team has contributed crucially to the success of the project. The AMDIS specialists quickly learned the domain specific jargon and concepts, analyzed the requirements, designed, developed and tested the system and were valuable and valued team members."

Torben Franzke, IT Management CT Conveyor Belt, ContiTech AG


  • Initial strong and weak points analysis of legacy software systems
  • Consulting of the management in terms of calculation software
  • Introduction of all project roles (product owner, scrum master, developer team)
  • Take over the scrum master role and provide the developing team
  • Responsible for requirements engineering and documentation (product backlog, sprint backlog)
  • Responsible for design and implementation of unit, component and system tests
  • Introduction of development and management tools.

Software realization

Based on .NET a client-server-application has been developed using WCF, WPF and state of the art implementation techniques. 

A complex but smart data model has been developed and refined in different iterations to ensure possible future uses in other business units.




System-controlled Collection and Analysis of Compensation Data

SCAD is an integrated system that gathers and manages salary-related data for all kinds of professions and domains. A web search, CSV (Excel) data import or PDF file import can be used as source data that are transformed to compensation data.

The user can manage companies, positions, qualifications, and salaries in different countries, regions, and currencies. With the powerful query system and an excel export function the user can create reports.


  • A feasibility study analyzed aspects like NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) - a quite complex matter
  • UX (user experience) is very important for this system so different usability engineering measures had to be selected and performed

Software realization

  • Java Desktop Client based on JavaFX
  • Server component written in J2EE
  • MySQL Database
  • a dockerized deployment system