UX / Usability engineering

The goal of UX (User eXperience) engineering is a product with the optimal user experience - we call it the emergence effect: The sum is more than its parts. 

This seems to be a quite abstract point of view, but taking a closer look opens one's eyes and the concept becomes very concrete: User Experience comprises all aspects that exist when a user uses an application ā€“ everything must work together, everything must fit, so that user tasks can be done effectively, efficiently and with joy of use.

Our developer teams know the challenges when it comes to usability and UX engineering. We have the right ideas and find the right methods, techniques, tools for your application.

We connect usability and requirements management with project management and quality assurance - minimizing the risks and making sure the solution is delivered on-time and on-budget.

This collaboration is successful UX engineering, i.e. all disciplines works together as one - for the best user experience.

It is important to know and practice methods and techniques for usability / UX engineering, e.g.

  • prototyping
  • context analysis
  • heuristic evaluation
  • eye tracking