continuous integration and delivery

In the old days, we wrote software. And then we deployed it to a running application server and delivered clients manually. This process was slow and error-prone. 

Systems had to be configured - manually.
Software had to be installed - manually.
Configurations had to be updated - manually.
Clients had to be delivered - manually.

But thankfully a lot of smart people out there were as stressed out as we were about these annoying processes and out of this state fancy tools like Jenkins, TravisCI, Docker and all their friend have been developed.

Together with the good old versioning systems we all love, we have a bunch of powerful tools available to automatize testing, deployment and operation of state of the art software solutions we offer. And everything will be fine-tuned according to your business needs and environment.

And the best part? When we develop any project for you, continuous integration and delivery comes like a naturalness to our work. 

Anyway - you already have a running IT and software infrastructure which needs some fresh air? Contact us right now