Applied research

Applied research connects you with the future. Let us discover and develop new products and new methods. In a very competitive market segment it is important to provide state-of-the-art and innovative services and products. We are doing research for many years and have partners in academic institutions.

Our research areas are:

  • Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet-of-Things): We are working on a large scale and flexible platform for cloud computing and cloud applications in order to provide secure, consistent and accessible data management through a Cloud Storage Hub (CSH).
  • Surveillance system: We develop a complex surveillance system for enterprise and home security. The business processes are analyzed and used for the configuration of the system. Innovative techniques and new hardware and software components are used. The application is cloud-based uses IoT (Internet-of-Things) services and other services. Also, robots and virtual reality is used for observance and tracking tasks.
  • MBUID: Model-based User Interface Design is an innovative approach in order to provide effective and efficient interactive software that combines the advantages of MDA (Model-driven Architecture) with HCI/Usability-patterns. Also manual UI design is an important feature in order to preserve flexibility.
  • UX Evaluation & Testing: The user experience or usability of existing or new software must be tested or evaluated, but it is often quite cost intensive. We develop a very efficient and effective approach that combines usability expert-based techniques (like heuristic evaluation), product-oriented testing (like conformance tests) and user-oriented methods (eye/gaze tracking, thinking aloud protocol, interview).